Why Chosen Industries chose to get USPAACC certified? 

And what that means for you as a supplier procurement officer. 

The world is becoming smaller with the rise of social media use. And the 2020 pandemic definitely accelerated people and businesses relying on the digital world to be accommodating and flexible in communicating. Because of this, more and more jobs are becoming accommodating to their employees by offering remote work. This has broadened the types of employees applying to and receiving jobs. Not only has it benefited individual employees, but it has also shifted the way companies hire out project-based jobs and RFPs. 

As a new company coming out, it’s important that Chosen Industries be cognizant of the current changes in the industry and not only follow what others are doing but be ahead of the curve. With that said, as Chosen Industries has continued to grow, it’s important to be a part of an organization that embraces inclusivity and accessibility. It’s not only important to practice the DEI (or EDI) standard but to continue to shift into an IDEA (inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility) best practices approach. 

As a nascent company, it’s important that Chosen Industries makes all the right decisions starting now. When deciding on certifications to help Chosen Industries succeed, USPAACC was one of the first affiliated organizations. 

USPAACC stands for US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce. “It was formed in 1984 as a non-profit organization representing Pan Asian Americans and their related groups in business, sciences, the arts, sports, education, public, and community services. The mission is to promote and propel economic growth, represent a diverse ethnic group, support contracting relationships among its members, advocate for Asian Americans and other minorities, invest in the future of potential leaders, and embrace diversity and practice inclusion.” 

As an Asian American woman working alongside other Asian American women and other minorities, “I felt it was important to become certified by an organization that best represents me and my time.” Additionally, USPAACC provides certification for MBEs and WBEs, which Chosen Industries has. USPAACC helps small, underrepresented businesses to compete for government contracts. Joining USPAACC enables Chosen Industries to not only be properly represented but also enables us to provide a diverse and inclusive environment. USPAACC also hosts events and educational programs throughout the year, which provide valuable networking and business opportunities for MBEs and WBEs

In this field, it’s hard to stand out because everyone says they do what Chosen Industries does, but the truth is most other companies aren’t as efficient, innovative, or intentional. Chosen Industries is driven by a creative and diverse team with outside-of-the-box thinking that provides purposeful, intentional focus to every project acquired. Not only that but working with Chosen helps fulfill your needs as a supplier procurement officer. It is not only your job to oversee the procurement of supplies and equipment, but now it is your job to ensure that you are acquiring supplies and equipment from a diverse group of suppliers. 

That’s where Chosen Industries steps in. With the USPAACC certification, Chosen fulfills the needs of most construction management companies and real estate investment firms. Value-driven solutions is a mantra at Chosen Industries, meaning that solutions are provided no matter the issue. As a result, USPAACC is a valuable resource for you as a  supplier procurement officer looking to increase your diversity spending