Our Services

Commercial Painting

Revamp your commercial space with our exceptional interior and exterior painting services. A fresh coat of paint dramatically enhances the environment and increases marketability. At Chosen Industries, we specialize in a variety of painting projects with attention to cleanliness, detail and on-time delivery.

Workspace Solutions

Improve the internal aspects of your work environment with our comprehensive workspace solutions. We work with businesses of all sizes to provide guidance and insight on how to boost your business at-large. From project management to environmental stewardship, our US manufactured products cover a range of services that help your employees and customers increase productivity.

Division 10

We are committed to providing comprehensive project management for all your specialty construction needs, ranging from bathroom accessories, fire equipment, storage solutions, visual display systems, to wall protection and more. Our seasoned professionals ensure precise, careful installation tailored to fit your space and meet your unique requirements. We take an integrated approach to each project, understanding its distinctiveness and working with you closely to deliver a strategy that ensures smooth and efficient completion.

Minority-Owned Business Facilitators

As a 100% woman-owned business, we fit your diversity spending benchmarks. Not only that, but when we hire out to get the job done, we’ll continue to source local businesses to guarantee your company meets all the diversity spending benchmarks. 

Are you unsure of what to do next with your building? Are you wondering if we can help you repurpose your facility? Or who can help you with your piece of land? Have you heard of adaptive reuse or exit strategy consultants? Are you trying to fulfill your business’ diversity and inclusion needs? Do you have a set-aside budget for inclusion? 

Chosen Industries is a solutions-based, turn-key 100% minority-owned project management firm that helps ease all these questions. We ensure that you don’t have to worry about any of these things and still make a profit. With Chosen Industries no goal is too small and no job is too large.