What do we do?
We solve supplier diversity problems.

100% Minority & Woman Owned Business


If you’re having trouble meeting your inclusion goals make sure to contact a company that is understanding of your time and budget constraints. at Chosen Industries we’re here to help. We strive to be different. We understand that TIME is the human common denominator and we respect it as the hallmark of your most valuable resource. 

We are a boutique, full-service firm designed to present customized and cost-effective solutions by listening to and–most importantly–understanding your goals.

We help you with your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals in the Tampa area. We deliver results through an honest and exceptional customer experience, and we provide solutions to fulfill your set aside budget for inclusion for your business. As a woman-owned business and a combined 30+ years of experience in adaptive reuse and facility repurposing, we’re here to accommodate your diversity in business needs. 



We are more than just any one thing, we are your solution to your business’ inclusion goals, we are Chosen Industries; choice by design.

Capabilities Statement

Chosen Industries is a licensed, insured, bonded, and certified company. Providing all your DEI (EDI) needs in adaptive reuse, building renovation, residential rehabilitation, real estate consulting, and commercial and facility repurposing. 

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