Chosen Industries

- Breaking Barriers by Building Relationships -

About Us

Chosen Industries is more than a supplier or general contract services group. We’re a dynamic firm with a mission to strengthen business through exceptional service and fundamental values. Reliable service providers can be a challenge to find, especially one that listens to align with your specific business values and goals. As a diverse supplier focused on providing a seamless experience, we are passionate about leaving a positive impact upon each relationship and project we touch.

Chosen Industries was founded by a vision-driven entrepreneur with the singular goal of asking the question, “How can I help you?” and meeting that need. We offer commercial construction services and product procurement that provide the highest level of quality designed to satisfy your business needs. Chosen Industries is intentional and innovative about our contracting solutions for local and national communities.

Our Services

Chosen Industries is a contract services group specializing in services designed to enhance business and drive growth. Your house is our house, and our greatest asset is our relationships. We are driven by faith in providing quality service. Covering a diverse spectrum of elements that build and support your organizational needs, with Chosen Industries, you are guaranteed to be treated like family.

Sourcing for Diversity

If you’re having trouble meeting your inclusion goals, make sure to contact a company that is understanding of your time and budget constraints. At Chosen IndustriesWe help you with your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals in the Tampa area. We deliver results through an honest and exceptional customer experience and provide solutions to fulfill your set-aside budget for inclusion.

Capabilities Statement